From Ancient Beauty Secret to Modern Skincare Marvel

Immerse in the rich history of fermented rice with the Skin Nutrient Bar, journeying from Japan's pristine rice fields to the Sake breweries.

Harnessing A Pristine Environment

Nutrients From Nature

Every winter, the crisp sea air crosses the Japanese archipelago and blankets the region with heavy snow.

When the snow melts, it nourishes the rice crops with minerals, resulting in nutrient-rich rice that's essential for high-quality fermentation.

You could say it's the rice-ipe for success!

The Art and Dedication of Producing Premium Rice

Sustainable Farming Founded On Tradition

When it comes to rice farming, Japanese farmers are like the OG of organic. To reduce agrochemical use, Japan's rice farmers stick to traditional practices, such as:

  • using organic fertilizer upcycled from crab and shrimp shells and seaweed.
  • creating a rich ecosystem of beneficial animals like minnows, frogs, ducks, which simultaneously provide natural fertilization and keep pests under control.

The Prelude to Alchemical Mastery

Prepping For Fermentation

Sake brewing is a meticulous process of establishing the proper conditions essential for successful rice fermentation.

The outer layers of the rice grain are milled away to prevent spoilage and rancidity.

The polished rice is then steamed in koshiki, a unique Japanese cedar wood steaming tub.

The Master Sake brewer

Meet The Toji

Successful rice fermentation in Sake brewing is an intricate dance of various factors like weather, humidity, temperature.

To ensure the highest quality, each brewery has a master brewer called the Toji, who must balance all these factors.

These Toji are both scientists and artists, taking decades to hone their intuition and technique.

A Secret Fermentation Recipe Passed Down Through Generations

Koji (Aspergillus oryzae) is what makes Sake rice wine unique from all the other wines. It turns regular old rice into something magical that can nourish and rejuvenate your skin. No wonder it's the National Mold of Japan! But here's the catch - it's a highly coveted secret that's passed down from generation to generation, and only the chosen few know how to cultivate it.

Multiple Parallel Fermentation: Koji kickoff

Unlocking The Nutrients

The Sake fermentation method is as unique as it is complicated.

First, we need Koji to break down the rice starch into components that Sake yeast can convert into wine.

Lucky for skincare enthusiasts, this process also creates a full on bonanza of amazing skin nutrients that weren't in rice before. Talk about a win-win situation!

Koji Mold and sake yeast: The batman and robin of rice fermentation

Tag Teaming To Skincare Greatness

After Koji does its thing, Sake yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) tags in and the Koji rice mixture ferments for two more weeks. With this fermentation deam team, we get Shubo, or Mother of Sake.

A probiotic called lactic acid bacillus is also added to protect the fermentation against unwanted bacteria.

The Final Stretch: The Bubbly mass of Momori

Rice To Nutrient Richness

More rice, water, and Koji is continually added to the Shubo until it grows to an epic tank of fermented mash, known as Momori. Here, the mixture ferments for another five weeks.

The Toji continue to keep a watchful eye, making timely decisions to ensure the optimal conditions for successful fermentation.

The Lees Of The Rice Wine

Finally, the liquid from the momori is the pressed and further processed to become Sake rice wine. The residual pressed fermented rice mash, Sake Kasu, is the skincare gem we've been waiting for!

The Hidden Gem Of The Sake Brewery

A Treasure Trove Of Skincare Nutrients

Sake Kasu is like a pirate booty, low-key on the surface but packed with hidden riches of amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients like Galactomyces, Ferulic acid, and Kojic acid that make it a secret weapon in the fight against dull, tired skin.

Only those in the know understand the true value of such treasure - a skincare gem hidden in plain sight!

Bridging Tradition and Innovation through Artisanal Dedication

To preserve the full potential of Sake Kasu, INÉ uses a special soapmaking method to protect its delicate properties and beneficial compounds, much like the care the Toji take in Sake brewing.

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