All about the Scents

We don't just pick essential oils for their pretty scents, we select them for their skin-loving benefits too. No artificial fragrance oils allowed - we only use nature's best to keep your skin happy and healthy.


Unscented - While this bar contains no essential oils, you may notice a subtly sweet rice wine aroma naturally scented by Sake Kasu.


Hinoki Forest - Spirit away into a tranquil forest hotspring with this calming, relaxing essential oil extracted from genuine Japanese Hinoki Cypress wood. It’s everything you need to restore your body and mind.


Wild Lavender - Relax and revive with our Lavender essential oil. With its calming, soothing scent, our essential oil will make your showering experience truly special. Plus, its skin benefits are an added bonus.


Geranium + Hiba - The uplifting and floral aroma of Geranium is delicately blended with the earthy and woody notes of Hiba, creating a calming yet invigorating fragrance that awakens the senses and transports you to a peaceful forest sanctuary.