All About The Ingredients

We've carefully selected each ingredient to lovingly nourish and cleanse your skin, catering to all skin types and tones for a hydrating and inclusive experience.


RSPO Palm Oil

Provides a luxurious, gentle cleanse and leaves skin feeling refreshed, hydrated.


RSPO Palm Kernel Oil

Offers a rich, robust lather and leaves skin feeling refreshed.


Sake Kasu (Fermented Rice Mash)

Provides a complete range of skin benefits, including promoting collagen production, brightening, and gentle exfoliation.


Rice Bran Oil

Contributes to gentle cleanse and leaves skin feeling refreshed and supple.


Sunflower Oil

Contributes to gentle cleanse and promotes a healthy complexion.


Castor Oil

Contributes to the soap's rich, creamy lather and hydrates and soothes skin.



Rich in antioxidants and amino acids, leaves skin soft and rejuvenated.


Sake (Rice Ferment Filtrate)

Fermented from Koji. Offers myriad skin benefits, including rejuvenation and brightening.


Mango Butter

Extracted from mango kernels. Non-comedogenic and leaves skin soft and smooth.


Citric Acid

A natural preservative derived from citrus fruits. Promotes skin cell renewal.


Sodium Lactate

A natural humectant derived from fermented sugars. Makes soap last longer while hydrating skin.



Why we selected RSPO Palm Oil over Coconut and Olive Oil?

Saponified coconut oil can leave the skin feeling dry and stripped, while palm oil offers a gentler, nourishing cleanse without stripping. What about the environment? Despite their greener image, unethically sourced coconut oil and olive oil can contribute to environmental issues. RSPO-certified palm oil is sustainable and rigorously evaluated for environmental and labor responsibility. Choosing RSPO palm oil ensures a soap bar that's both kind to your skin and the environment.