Rice: The Skin Superfood

Ultimate Guide to Help You Unleash the Incredible Power of Rice for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Why is Rice So Good For Your Skin?

Rice & Shine! Let Kojic Acid do the heavy lifting to help fade dark sports and hyperpigmentation.

Makes your skin so soft, you'll want to pet yourself - thanks to rice's natural moisturizing compounds.

Inflammation, meet your match! Rice's skin-soothing elixir will leave your complexion cool as a cucumber!

Who says you can't turn back time? Rice's anti-aging secret will make you look younger - no time machine required.

Rice has an abundance of skincare benefits that more than meets the eye. It's no wonder this humble grain is a beloved beauty secret in Japan!

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Get the Ultimate Guide to Using Rice for Better Skincare

The Fountain of Youth is in Your Kitchen! See How Rice Can Help You Achieve a More Youthful and Radiant Complexion!

See if your skin is getting all the nutrients it actually needs.

DIY tips and tricks on creating your own rice water serum the right way.

Step-by-step guide on creating a fermented rice body and face mask.

Get your soak on, and learn how to whip-up a Sake-tastic bath bomb.

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Unlock the Full
Potential of Rice

The rice grain is a great source of phytonutrients for your skin and hair: Vitamins B1 and B6, magnesium, potassium, lipids, and proteins, providing skin benefits such as hydration, barrier protection, and reduced inflammation. Yet it's true powers are only unlocked when it goes through Japanese Sake fermentation.

Feeling overwhelmed by skincare and underwhelmed by the results?

🙌 Great skin is actually very simple

3 Simple Steps to Skinimalism

DIY Fermented Rice Water

Feedback From Our Customers

“The Skin Nutrient bar is gentle but effective, and it has improved the overall texture and appearance of my skin. I can't imagine going back to using anything else.“

Zoe (freelance designer)

As a freelance designer, Zoe was always juggling client demands. Tired of her multi-step routine adding to her stress, she was on the lookout for a more convenient, easy-to-use product that could provide moisture and brightness without harsh chemicals.
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Ine Skin Nutrient Bar


Our nourishing soap bar is packed with all the benefits of Sake Kasu to give you multi-faceted skin benefits, minus the multi-step routine.

  • Handcrated in Japan
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, artifical fragrances and colorants

Say goodbye to complicated routines

Great skin starts in the shower.  Your shower routine should not only clean but also nourish your skin.

Infused with Sake Kasu, a cult secret fermented rice extract from Sake breweries, our nourishing Skin Nutrient soap bar is packed with all the nutrients your skin craves...over 100 skin loving nutrients including Kojic acid, Ferulic acid, and Galactomyces 💯

It's like giving your skin a big ol' hug from the inside out, leaving it feeling nourished, healthy, and radiant.

No Extra Steps; Just Shower With It

Bask in the Sake Kasu. Just lather up in the shower.

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